Importing Floor Plan from CorelDraw!

What is the best format to export my floor plan from CorelDraw to SketchUp?

I intended to to convert the 2D plan to 3D in SketchUp.

When I export it as PNG the image quality degrades so much in SketchUp … here is a screen shot:

However the exported PNG file is high quality as you can see it here:

Assuming you have SKP-Pro AND if your Corel is the Pro version; Export to DWG/DXF.

Otherwise, Export Corel to SVG, Open in InkScape (free) and Export to DXF. You still need SKP-Pro to import the AutoCad formats DXF/DWG.



As Nino mentioned DWG/DXF is best.

As a general point however, to display raster images such as PNG and JPEG legibly, ensure under ‘Preferences’- ‘Open GL’ you tick ‘Use maximum texture size’.

Thank you.

Thank you…