How to export guides to pdf in SketchUp?

Hey guys, how can I incluide guidelines in an export to pdf? The guides show in a png, but not in pdf. Probably it’s possible in Layout, but I’m searching for a way to do it in SketchUp. Elzenhagen_07 bovenaanzicht gemaal 1_200.pdf (32.7 KB)

For export, you can replace them with some lines in a layer with the dotted line Dashes

Or you can print directly

Only vector lines will be shown in PDFs exported directly from SketchUp. Guides are raster so not shown. Yes, you could do this in LO but as Mihai suggests, you can replace the guidelines with edges that you group. Then you can give the group a tag which has a dashed style selected.

First suggestion I understand, thanks. What do you mean with the second option? Print directly?

Ah thanks. Too bad that a workaround is needed. But with a bit of organisation it could be a nice way to include dotted lines in the drawings. I will apply this in the future!

It means that instead of File > Export > PDF, you’ll go with File > Print > PDF.

This isn’t a workaround. Guides are not meant to be used the way you are trying to use them.