How to Export 3DS Max to Sketchup with Materials and Textures

I purchase a lot of models that are native to 3DS Max (typically Vray or Corona). What is the best way to export those models into SU while maintaining the materials and textures? If there is some “known limitation” what might that be?

I can get the geometry no problem via FBX/OBJ native export out of 3DS and sometimes a texture if I use SimLab’s exporter. But generally I’m having a REALLY hard time getting models from 3DS to SU without spending hours trying to remap everything.

Export as OBJ/FBX and if there are large files, for import in Sketchup use one of the extensions: Universal Importer, Transmutr or Skimp. You should have no problems with the materials.

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When I export from 3DS to create a FBX I never get the materials with it. What setting am I missing?

Did you test with one of the extensions and the imported FBX file had no material in SketchUp?

Just so we’re saying the same thing, I should probably clarify that I can’t get any of the textures to export. The materials don’t come across anyway because most stuff built in 3DS seems to be in proprietary Vray/Corona materials.

Here’s what the source files look like in 3DS Max. Note I circled some of the textures that showed up perfectly.

Now here’s what the same file looks like as an FBX in Transmutr. Notice how none of the textures are mapped. I have to manually go and try to figure out which .JPG/.PNG files are intended for which parts of the model, and then sometimes try to figure out what scale/size they were.

If in 3ds Max you create a cube and apply a material to it (simple, with a texture in diffuse slot), and then export it as FBX (or OBJ), and then import it into SketchUp, do you have the same problems with the material?