3ds MAX Import to SketchUp - Textures Missing

I have a 3ds MAX model exported as an .FBX file. The model comes into SketchUp via Skimp importer script fine but all textures do not come with the model from 3ds MAX. I have the error message

When I import other models, say Infraworks as an FBX, it brings along with it an .FBM folder with jpeg textured images and it looks correct in SketchUp.

Any advice out there, people?

Many thanks.

Have you confirmed that the materials are located in the same folder as the original FBX file?
Edit: are you rendering with V-Ray? If so there’s a different process that may work better.

I think you’re right @eric-s Eric. All I have been provided with is the FBX model and no FBM images folder so it has no associated reference to locate because presumably, associative textures don’t come within the .3ds object file.

My aim is to import the 3ds MAX model into SketchUp using the Skimp ruby script, do a lot of editing then render and animate in Lumion Pro. I could add renders in that programme but really it needs to come into SketchUp tbh.

Is it worth me trying to import the .3ds MAX model straight into sketchup or would file size be an issue there and textures still remain missing?

My main task is to try to bring in not only the 3ds file but also it’s animations too but I fear that cannot be done in Lumion so will have to think more on that issue.

It depends on the file. For example, I use a similar process where I import Megascans FBX files into SU using Transmutr (similar to Skimp but it has a few rendering-specific tools in addition to obj/fbx import and geometry simplification). The FBX files are pretty light since most of the heavy lifting is done by the materials and associated maps. See below where the diffuse map is over 40 mb by itself.

To your original point, sounds like you need to confirm if the materials associated with your FBX file are available to you? If not, is it worth the time to re-texture? To me probably not but again, that’s file dependent.

I’ve never seen anyone preserve animation setups from 3DS Max to SketchUp since SketchUp doesn’t natively support animation beyond using Scenes. Lumion has it’s own camera/animation process. If anyone knows differently please correct me here.

Feel free to post a link to the file you’re using or where you got it from and I can look closer at what you’re working with (re: materials import, not animation preservation).

Many thanks @eric-s. I’ll have a review when I get my head above water - bit of a rush job on, mate.