How to draw windows in rounded walls using only native tools

OK guys, educate me. How do you draw a window on a rounded wall with native tools?

Show us an example of the sort of window you’re after.

Past my bedtime here. Curved in 1 direction is easy. Curved in 2 is more challenging, like an airstream?

Creative use of the solid tools (those count as native?) and masses to subtract from.

I could have also done it with intersect faces.

But I agree with Dave. Show an image of the window and I’ll bet you’ll have 6 ways to do it.

I don’t know if you will be able to view the building I drew for this thread Alphabet inspired sketches - Page 10 - Twilight Render User Forum but you will see multiple views of the building I drew. Hope it gives you a clue as to what I was asking for.

Hope this does not count as going off topic. Do we need to do this in a different/new thread?

I made it be a new topic!

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Thank you.

One way. This is just the very basics. Circle tool and Push/Pull to draw the wall below the windows. I opted for 12 windows around so used a 12-sided polygone to outline them.

Cut out one window’s-worth of the polygon. Extruded to height, Offset to outline the frames, and Push/pull for thickness. Made the window a component and used Copy/Rotate to make the rest.

It would be simple enough to do a partial circle of windows. You could use the Arc tool with a suitable number of sides instead of using the Polygon tool.

OK, that is probably more realistic than mine. My windows are rounded like the building which is probably more realistic. Now you have to build the wall above the window as. :grin:

According to the reflections your windows look flat. It’s not very realistic to have curved glass unless there’s an unlimited budget for building them. It would be easier to model curved glass in SketchUp than it would be to build them in real life, though.

Trivial stuff to add the wall above the windows.

OK, you win. :grin: Obviously I am unrealistic. :grin: I guess my whole emphasis was on the theme of the thread I referenced instead of the realism.

DaveR I respect your skill and wisdom. :+1:

Thank you.

I think you would benefit from doing more practice modeling while limiting yourself to the native tools, even if you are using Pro and have tons of extensions installed. Really take the time to learn about what the native tools can offer. I think you’ll find there’s a lot more sophistication than you thought.

this could be a quote at the end of the official training course.

teaching SU forced me to uninstall a lot of things I had back then, and go vanilla again. and frankly, a lot can be done.
Even today, I’m reluctant on installing new tools supposed to revolutionize my workflow. Sure, it could be more elegant, but relying on the standard tools is not a weakness.

this is, if I recall, standard tools only. just a good sketch beforehand, patience and time.

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To add to Dave’s idea, click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for more ideas
Curved wall with windows.skp (192.6 KB)