Details on a curved surface


I’m sketching a large oval shaped room that needs wall to wall windows along the curved surfaces. Having real difficulty being able to create windows as many tools simple don’t function on a curved wall. Help!


Will this help?


Trying to picture what you want, I’m thinking maybe you meant floor-to-ceiling instead of wall-to-wall windows, unless you mean that you want continuous windows end-to-end all along the curved wall, like on a storefront. Is the glass itself to be curved? Do the windows operate (open and close)? Is the wall to be load-bearing or is it simply a curtain wall? Will there be columns or some other structure between the windows? Are you planning to use two parallel surfaces as the two sides of the wall (a wall with thickness) or will the walls be one-sided (interior only)?

In any event, you probaly don’t want to “draw” the windows directly on the wall but rather to construct the windows as separate components and then install them into the wall. Think of it as more of a construction process than a drawing process.

Can you tell us more about the design, answering some of the questions I’ve raised?



Hi Gully, thanks for getting in touch!
So the room is a large oval shaped boardroom (think White House) and has continuous windows from mid way up the walls.
The windows are panelled in the style of a victorian glass house and curve towards each other to form an arced ceiling.
Either end of the room are large ornate double doors.

This model is being made from a concept drawing from a production designer, so it’s a film set, rather than actual functional building.
It’s the double curve that’s killing me!
Is that any clearer? Thanks again!
Best, Imogen x


I’m still not entirely certain I follow. Does this approach the basic shape you’re after? It’s just a stretched sphere.



Maybe the extension Flowify can be of help? Here’s a tutorial for modeling the inside of a dome, this seems from your description to be a similar problem.


Holy Schitzelberger, SU has more plugins than my dog has fleas! I can’t keep up with all these, I have to work sometime, you know :innocent: