Fill Curved Surface

Hi, I have created the window frame for a curved window, to cut a long story short, I did it the wrong way… anyhow I now have the outline of the frame but I’m not sure what the quickest way to fill the front and back is, besides drawing in the lines one by one… any advice would be appreciated!

curvewindow.skp (103.1 KB)


It’s not really that complicated of a window. I’d be inclined to redraw it from scratch.

I guess you could use Push/Pull to push the top face down to the bottom after hitting Ctrl. Then run Intersect Model and delete the skinning over the openings.

It doesn’t appear that the curve is an arc. Is it supposed to be? If so, what is the inner radius?

If I may, I’d like to reinforce Dave’s point. That is, expending a lot of effort to salvage an ill-formed model is a complete waste of time and pretty much the exact opposite of what you want to be doing.

The way to learn how to do something is to do it correctly. Contrary to the adage, we don’t learn from our mistakes. We learn by doing something right even if we have to start over and over. And if we get it right the first time, we learn every bit as well as if we had made half a dozen false starts…

When you invest time in trying to repair something that was done incorrectly, you get nothing back from the time: that is not the skill you want to learn and practice; doing it correctly from start to finish is.


There are several ways as noted but question is what is acceptable to you as designer. Redraw, use Push Pull or Fredo’s curviloft. It also depends on how you plan / want to do the glazing of the widow / windows. Usually the bottom edges are sloped to give some protection from water run off which I do not see in the model and what material you want to use between them
I usually use the approach that good enough is OK unless you are trying to be perfect. So it is really YOUR CHOICE my guess all maybe close to same effort. You can try one lite for each case and decide what you would like.

Hope this may solve ur problem

curvedwindow.skp (85,1 KB)

All is said by others - may be You would prefer a more real window-pane?

Even more real if the muntins were included to show the wood, metal (or plastic) accessory appendages used to secure the glazing lites to the frame.

Thank you, I think you are right, I will draw it again from scratch! I shouldn’t get into the habit of bad modelling techniques! I’ll give your method a go!


Definitely agree too, I wouldn’t normally botch something like this but because the profile was based on other elements already in my model, I took an unconventional and silly route to get my result! Restarting seems like the best idea!


Good on you. You might as well try the Push/Pull thing because you will probably find it useful for something else one day. As you’re redrawing it, you should try to keep the curves from becoming exploded as they are in your first attempt. The exploded curves just cause you more work in cleanup later.

Thank you for your advice on the design, this part is actually just the inner frame to mount the glazing so once complete will end up looking like a curved version of this…


That is useful to know thank you, I wasn’t aware Curviloft did that!

Also, it’s not quite an arc, I needed to fit up against the window next to it! Thanks again for your help!

Ah, yes. Of course.

So you can copy the curve you’ve already created as the basis for the curves on the window. You might want to install TIG’s TIG-Weld extension from Sketchucation so you can weld the curves.

Out of curiosity, do the windows slope out toward the top? It kind of looks like that to me. Reminds me of the stern lights on an old sailing ship.

I’ll grab the extension and give it a go! They don’t slope out, it was just a bad angle on the screenshot! :grinning: If you’re interested, here is the final window:


Thanks: Will take a look later today but, dealing with blizzard now and trying to avoid tree damage.
Is this effort a model exercise or are you planning on building or have this built?
I often answer differently depending on what I understand the issue to be:)

Yikes, I hope it’s not too severe! This is purely for fun, it’s just a window for an English manor house I’m designing! Here it is in situ anyway…

I hope to post proper pics in the gallery section when I’m done; I’ve been SketchUpping for 6 years now and have never really shown anyone my work but since I just discovered the forums…!

Thank you (and everyone who replied) for your advice! :smiley:

Looks like you are ok with what you have and looks good:)