Fill in curved hole


So I have this curved surface in an object I need a way to refill the hole so like it never was made and the object is solid again. Thanks for the help.


Perhaps something like this if the shape symmetrical.



Nice backface color :wink:


Haven’t missed one yet :smiley:



Good idea, it worked well. Thanks Shep!


Too late for this case, but something to keep in mind is this method, which is similar to Shep’s if very slightly simpler:



In the event that you can’t do a pushpull to create a new face you can stitch the hole closed.
Simply turn on hidden geometry and join the endpoints.


And then if you want to keep your model neat there’s…



This stitching method is what I was expecting for a response. I attempted this method on my own but failed originally due to the fact that I can only stitch so many points in a polygon, seems if you stitch too many points in a polygon it generates a line rather then a surface.


Yes, the trick is to fill in the facets of the curve where they intersect with the polygon.
If you stitch enough endpoints in the polygon it will create a face/faces but it won’t follow the curve of the main face.