Filling in a curved face


Hi just new to sketchup and im having a couple of problems with a drawing im making up of a digger bucket.

  1. The bottom radius of the bucket wont fill with a face/surface.

  2. underside of the brackets can be seen on the inside of the bucket, when i delete the lines that can be seen the bracket face disapear, how can i get rid of the lines without loosing the bracket faces.

  3. The pin holes on the brackets, the inner faces are not filled in, you can seen inside the bracket, how can i fill the inner circle faces in.

Grader bucket Rev1.skp (227.1 KB)


I expect you probably want the bucket to have some thickness, right?

I would start out with one end and extrude it to the desired thickness, left. Then Select the bottom and back edges, get Offset and offset those edges inward to the desired thickness, right.

Then Push/Pull to create the back and bottom of the bucket.

Erase the unneeded edges and make it a component.

When you get finished, it should look something like this:

Get in the habit of saving the painting of materials until your model is complete. The textures can mask problems.


The lines you see are showing through as there is no thickness to your bucket ( as Dave says) but if you need to hide them you can use the eraser tool with the shift key and then they will hide without breaking the geometry.

The hole through the top does not have a face as the hole is a different size each side?? Not sure if thats how its supposed to be. To create a face, re-trace between two points on your curve which will fill the face. then push/pull it through - use the inference to make it as deep as the other edge. You can either fill in that gap on the other side or do what I did which is to scale that to make a tapered hole (use scale with “ctrl” key to scale from center) ?? Not the ideal way of doing it.

see other gif. for parallel hole or to make that tapered more cleanly.