How to re-fill a hole in a surface (Undo isn't available)?

I have a question regarding a dome and a hole…

If you could, imagine a dome (1/2 tennis ball, if you like) with a circular hole cut into it. The hole passes all the way through the dome (in my tennis ball analogy one can see into the middle of the tennis ball).

I created this some weeks ago (I can’t ‘undo’).

I now, no longer want the hole in the dome, so I want to ‘fill it in’. On a ‘flat’ surf, I could simply draw some diagonals (one on the outside and one on the inside) and I’d be done… but on a curved surface of a sphere ? ? ?

Is there a way to ‘continue’ a curve on, over a hole or any special tips / tricks or am I… stuffed… and need to do it by ‘hand’ / eye…

Thanks in advance.

Probably easier to redraw it. Try the Parametric Shapes plugin from Sketchucation Plugin Store.

It has a dome shape.

a picture is worth a thousand words, a .skp file is worth even more…



You will have to recreate the dome in some way. There will be multiple ways of doing this. Here is one way to do so using the existing geometry as a profile to work with.

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Thanks for the responses.

I was desperately hoping that recreation wouldn’t be necessary as I have a ton of other holes and recesses in the surface…

Hey ho. You have given me an idea tho’… maybe I can copy an adjacent section and rotate it into position… maybe… I’ll go see and update with any positive results…

Again, thanks.

Can you share your model? There may be a way to fill the hole by copying geometry from elsewhere on the dome… but without seeing your model, all we can do is guess.