How to remove a "bore" from curved surface


I am working on a my model that has a curved surface. I added a hole / bore through it, but would now like to remove it. I somehow cannot figure out how to get to delete it without the surface being removed.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Richard

Turn on Hidden Geometry (View menu) and then connect the vertices from side to side across the gap. Actually it looks like there’s only one in your model on each side. That should recreate the missing faces. Before you do that, delete the bottom of the hole.

Got it - Thank you very much!

One more minor question… :slight_smile:

The line is now a solid rather than dashed… overall all looks good but is this something I should be concerned about or try and work on?

Thanks for your help!

the line isn’t a problem as it is but your model looks so nice and smooth, that edge should be softened, too. Hold Option while clicking on that edge with the Eraser tool to soften it. then turn off the hidden geometry again.

Perfect - Thanks!

Hava good week!

Excellent! You, too.

I’ve removed many a ‘bore’ from a bar stool in my time. But I guess that doesn’t help here.


It’s also worth pointing out that the stitching in this case is fairly simple because the curve is only in one direction.
A hole in a dome can be fixed in much the same way, but you’ll need to look closely at how the geometry is constructed.

Thanks “Box”,

Are you saying a more complex curve would be fixed by me trying to connect lines / planes in the right way? That seems pretty complicated?

Yes it is complicated when you first look at it, but if you get your head around the geometry involved and how to move it, it’s fairly simple.
It’s not something you need right now but understanding that SU is just edges and faces forming a mesh of triangles can take you far.

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