Can't move a hole in one direction


I have a design that requires one small hole to be moved a small amount. In the attached file it is the single small hole. I can move it left to right but not up or down (in the green direction)!
I then tried deleting the entire hole with the intention of making a new hole in the right place but when I deleted the hole the opposite side showed serious damage.
The solid inspector says there are no errors, so, I’m stuck.roof_full8.skp (1.1 MB)


Since the hole pass through the curved opposite side, you’ll have to redraw it to put it in another position.

Before deleting it, draw a line to connect the softened edges on the curved side. You’ve got some triangulation going on that really doesn’t need to exist.


Thanks for the prompt reply. I don’t understand what a softened edge is. I tried joining the edges of the polygon of the hole on the curved surface but that didn’t work


Turn on the Hidden Geometry in the View menu. I highlighted a few of the softened edges in this screenshot. You can see I drew in a line joining the softened edges that meet at the hole.

Don’t erase that line but erase the edges of the hole. If you loose one of the long faces on the arched surface, use the Line tool to trace one of the edges and heal the face.

It will work if you do it what I wrote. Here I’ve removed the hole entirely.

roof_full8.skp (1.2 MB)


Thanks again. I have finally removed the hole but I had many hidden geometry lines that didn’t show on your screenshot. I had to heal a large number of lines before I succeeded. Also I now have lines on the curved surface that I can’t remove without making gaping holes.
All this unwanted triangulation you spoke of, was that my fault during the design? Solid inspector never showed any errors during the design.


Yes. I mentioned those lines. I’d already removed them before making the first screen shot. Sorry for the confusion.

Those lines are likely the ones required to make the curved surface from the faces. You can soften them by holding Ctrl while clicking on them with the Eraser tool.

It could be the result of the short edges of the hole crossing the curved surface and running into issues with the tolerance in SU. Working at a larger scale would help to prevent them.

The triangulation such as you had there doesn’t prevent a component/group from being classified as solid. In fact in some cases, not having them could prevent the component/group from being solid.


OK, thanks. I think I shall go back a few steps and this time look at the hidden geometry and try softening them. I obviously need a lot more practice.
Cheers, Bruce