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:open_hands: OK I am obviously way off track so I will just back off.

don’t :slight_smile: , just because a big company follows a different objective doesn’t mean we simple users can’t challenge and discuss it. and who knows, doing so, one of us might actually find THE idea of the decade :slight_smile:
But enter this discussion knowing that in the end, the decision is about stuff like user retention, profit margins, rentability, 5-year objectives.
if trimble see value in reshuffling the current 4 licence thing, they will do it. but what they call value might differ from what we call value :wink:

It depends on what you’re modeling, every now and then I like to model complex stuff, I’ve modeled a Ferrari street car and the F2004, I also like to model buildings with organic shapes like the Heydar Aliyev Center and the London Aquatics Center, all those models would be almost impossible to create without plug-ins like vertex tools, subD, curviloft, joint push pull, and quad face tools.
For my personal projects those plug-ins aren’t required I use other plug-ins for design and model, most if not all of them do things faster than doing it with native tools, the best example is profile builder, there’s nothing that profile builder can do that is not possible to do with native tools, but it can make it a lot faster, it can save hours or even days of work.

Great model DaveR. :+1:

I am obviously not as skilled as you.

Thanks - good points as well

So, I guess the bottom line is that I just do not have the talent or fortitude you guys do. I now have to go off and evaluate whether the Pro license is worth it. :expressionless:

Thank you.

It’s only practice. You could certainly do it if you want.

FWIW, I’ve been paying for an annual license since before there was ever a free version to choose. Even when all of my modeling was for my own hobby use. Although I do also use it commercially now, the price of the subscription is a small percentage of my investment in my hobbies.

Guess I have to decide how much my “hobby/fun” is worth. :smiley:

Kind of sorry I ever started this thread on this forum. :disappointed:

Your topic invite opinions and you’ve gotten a bunch of them. Of course not everyone will share your opinion.

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Time and patience is what is most required. Extensions only provide shortcuts.


You should see how much I spend on paragliding… sometimes one weekend (just the travel, lift tickets, etc) cost 1/2 as much as my SketchUp subscription.

But I love it, so I find ways to keep doing it.

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Only 1/2 of your subscription! Did you really mean your subscription is 1/2 the amount of your weekend? :grin:

No, I think I’d be in trouble then.

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If extensions were possible in the Web/Free version, then trimble could offer them for a fee, same as the App Store or Play Store.

A package of the most popular extension tools sold for $50/year, and designed to work in Web.
LayOut could be included for another $50, perhaps.

Or do a monthly fee offer for Pro.

I have been a Pro subscriber on and off since 2006. I have to cancel now because I simply can’t afford it. It is my most expensive hobby, photography included, and I don’t spend enough time on it any more to justify. I will continue to use the free web app for 3d models and such, but I lament the ability to use a desktop system. (Yes, I do have 2017 available)

One thing I will say in favor of the web version is that I can use it under Linux, my standard desktop, without having to reboot into Windows. But it is painful to use sometimes, even with a gigabit internet connection, on any model with significant size or detail.

I would 100% support a less expensive desktop version without Layout or other commercial features.

You can continue to use all of the SketchUp versions you have used before the subscription period started…

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You can continue to use all of the SketchUp versions you have used before the subscription period started…

wow, I was not aware of that - different subscription model from e.g. Adobe products. Thank you for this pointer.

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no, it’s the same :slight_smile:

you said you were a SUpro user before 2021 and the subscription, it means you had some classic licences back then.
Meaning you can still re-install SU21 or prior with your classic licences. If you didn’t have a classic licence back then, then by stopping your subscription, you loose the access to SU pro

same with adobe, I got colleagues still using their CS5 they bought 15 years ago. Older classic licences are not linked to having a subscription.

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Here’s one. Photoshop 4 (sometime in the 1990s) already did all that I need from an image editing application.

Gimp and Krita are great image manipulation programs and they’re open source.

Yes. And the Affinity suite is good too, relatively low-cost, and a permanent license. But I am still quite happy with CS5.

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