How to display only the section cut of a component in a scene?

The “Hide Rest Of Model” command seems to work when editing components manually, but doesn’t work to hide other components in a Scene.

Is it possible to show only the Section Cut of a specific Component in a Scene, without any other Components or scene parts being displayed? If so, how? Am I missing some simple setting somewhere?

I have the Components set up, I have the Section Cuts inside each component, I have the Scenes set up with the Section Cut → Align View.

But if I switch out of the Scene and go back to it, it still shows the other components (for example, the wine rack on the left side, and the floor slab):

If I manually click on “Edit Component”, it does what’s expected and hides the rest of the model:

But this requires manually clicking on “Edit Component” on each scene.

How can I make it display as the 2nd screenshot. in ALL scenes?

For various reasons, I would like to do this in Sketchup, not in Layout. Is it possible?

Turn the rest of the model off in outliner and update the scene view.

I see no mention of using Tags to control visibility of components in various scenes. This is the best method of controlling visibility of objects in scenes. Assign your components or groups a tag, like the wine rack, or many to the same tag, then turn off the visibility of a given tag/tags and update the scene.

tip: you can place section cuts inside components that will only cut within that context. In this way you can have one or more individual objects being cut within a given scene at different levels or angles. Or one big cut across multiple components, and turn off the tag visibility for the ones you don’t want to see.

Search “Donley method”.