Labelling components in sections

Is there a trick to labelling using the component attributes in sections? When I label something that is cut the only options I see in the attribute list is the Viewport or Section Plane names. What I really want to see is ComponentInstance or GroupName. Unless there is part of the component visible in the background I can’t see a way to label it without manual notation, which is counter productive having set all my attributes in the model.

The whole point of sections is to be able to annotate the cut parts not just expose the background.

Sounds to me as if you have the section plane turned on in the scene. Go into SketchUp, turn off the section plane, update the style, save the changes and then in LO update the reference.

Share the LO file if you need more assistance.

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Thank you for today’s lesson Dave, very much appreciated. :+1:

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For anyone else new to SU or having this problem, I did have the cut plane turned off in the Scene settings, but the Cut Plane was still turned on in Outliner & Tags. With @DaveR guidance I realised turning the Cut Plane off in Tags was the solution.

Whilst the Scene settings controls the visibility, it apparently doesn’t hide the plane when it comes to labelling in LO.

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Do you mean Section Fill?

No, I thought having Cut Planes hidden in the Style** made them completely invisible, but you also have to turn off their visibility in the Tags or possibly Outliner (didn’t try that) to expose the components behind the cuts in LO.

The Section Fills remain visible regardless of those settings.

I have gone a bit further with this and added a Style** with cut fills off so I can temporarily hide them in LO while I access faces behind the cut fills for labelling.

**Changed from “Scene”