Section cuts on a single componet or piece

How does one create a section cut of ONLY one component or part in SU?

IE, i have 2 components in model space; a wooden base, and a block. I try to just section cut the block but it does both the base and part.



use inside the group or component…


wow! its that simple. Though to be honest, i never use section cuts so didnt think it could be done INSIDE the group or compoent. good to know. thanks.

ok, another interesting issue i am having. I have 4 scenes created. In one of them i have created hatch marks for a section cut via “make group from slice” option. What happens is, that group shows up on all my other views. I want to hide that group in all other views BUT the section cut view. However, every time i hide that group and update all other scenes but the section cut one, it hides that group in ALL scenes…

is this a layers thing?

Hide is more a temporary thing that can be ignored by updated scenes in (nested) groups and components. Use hide to temporarily get geometry out of the way when modeling.
In your case however (with scenes) you should assign a different layer to your slice group. Then make this layer invisible and update the scenes where you don’t wish to see the slice group.

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YES!! i thought of that before you posted. that means im beginning to see how SU works HAHA

Thank you for your reply though. it lets me know that my brain is starting to remember the things it needs to. I have completed what i needed to in SU for the time being haha