Section Cut Troubleshooting

Hi, I’m trying to figure out the section cut but having some issues. One thing I noticed is that after I made the plan cut, there are lines at that height everywhere in the model and I don’t know how to hide them. The other is when I try to fill the section, the whole floor plan gets filled. I tried the troubleshooting feature in SketchUp but couldn’t resolve it. Please help!

ADU1.skp (4.2 MB)

You appear to have made a Group from Cut and you’ve given that group a tag called “Tag”. If you turn off the tag and update the scene it won’t be visible.


Thanks, I was able to select it now and hide! But I also tried creating a group from cut again without a tag since that’s what I initially did since I was curious and then couldn’t get it to hide. So question, should I be creating tags for these section cuts/groups or what’s the best way to go about that so I’m able to hide them?

I would give tags to those objects just like I’d tag the other objects. That gives you the ability to control the visibility easily even in LayOut.

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Regardless of the “best way”, section planes will be shown in the Outliner even if hidden, so you can hide / unhide them from the tree by context-clicking them.

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Ok so no need to create tags for them?

You don’t have to give them tags if you don’t want to. As I wrote, if you do you can control the visibility of the group from cut in LayOut if you want to show it in some views but not others. Your call, though.

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There is a difference in the group slice from section cut and the section planes themselves (that do the cutting.)

Both will appear in the Outliner tree and can be hidden / unhidden via a context menu command.
However, context menu control is decentralized. You would be controlling their display individually.

Tags are used as a more centralized way of controlling display of “like” objects. If you have multiple section planes and multiple group slices, tagging them with a common tag allows you to switch them all off or on by switching that common tag off / on.

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Thanks, that helps clarify things!

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