How to delete a model pulled from the 3D warehouse?

Hi, I uploaded a model I pulled from the 3D warehouse but now I can’t delete it. I tried clicking on it and it does not select. It just remains there. What can I do?

Have you tried a left to right crossing selection to select it? Can you open it with a triple click?
As someone is sure to tell you, can you upload the file?
Also, it’s not good practice to download “things” from the warehouse directly into your models. There is a lot of “junk” on there.
(Acer is not an operating system, that would be Windows)

My model is attached below.

Uploading: Final Project UP357 Site.skp…

I think you’ve clicked reply before your model has finished uploading so it didn’t work.

I tried uploading it again but once it reaches 100% the file disappears.

How big is the file? It might be too big or you don’t have permission to upload files yet.

The file is 44.6 MB.

That’s too big to upload here. You could upload your file to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link here.

I created a google drive folder with the file in it. The link is

You have a scale problem in your model. Everything is enormous. You have a door that’s 20 million inches high, you have a road that’s 19,000km wide. The Earth’s diameter is 12,742 km so you could roll the Earth down that lane without touching the sides.

To tidy up, scale your model down with the tape measure tool. Measure any distance and type the size you think it should be. Say measure a door height then type 6’6 and press enter, confirm that you want to resize the entire model. Pick a dimension you know, like the storey height of a building, or a 12 foot wide lane on the road. There’s still scale issues after this that you could fix. If I scale the whole model down so that a door is 6’6" high, the lanes on the road are only 4’ wide, but it’s a million times better scale-wise.

You can delete the components by looking in the components window. I first purged to get rid of unused ones. If there’s any you want to keep, don’t purge. Right-click and choose “Select Instances” then press delete. As these will have been scaled down so much, their scale will be almost zero.
If they are still components, they’ll be in the outliner window so you can just select them there and press delete. Because of the extreme scaling they are hard to work with and you’d be better just deleting them and bring them in again one at a time. Open in a separate file first to see if they are a reasonable scale.

I’ve purged all the components and materials, etc. It’s now only 2.5MB instead of 45MB. If you don’t like what I’ve deleted you can delete them one at a time yourself.

Final Project UP357 Site_gm.skp (2.5 MB)

This is similar to this thread:

Did your teacher give you a file with everything drawn to the wrong scale?

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Thank you for changes. No, I drew everything out of scale by accident.