How To Cut Out A Piece of Wood

total noob here.

I have a pict attached. I’m trying to simply cut out this little notched in the vertically laid 2x4’s so i can eventually do the same to the horizontal piece and join them together.

I drew in the space I want to delete but I hit DELETE and only the drawn square disappears. Nothing from the vertical 2x4 gets deleted.

How do I take out parts of this 2x4?

Use Push/Pull to push the waste in. Are you making each board a component so they remain discrete separate objects?

uhhh … what?

What i did was drew an rectangle on the face of the edge of the vertical 2x4. When I pushed in it just created a box inside the 2x4 as shown in the picture. It didn’t actually remove the waste.

I think i got it.

I exploded the Group of the 2x4 … and then with the pencil half way down the 2x4, drew a square and then pushed in.

that worked. thanks!

So is the board a group or component? If so, you need to open the group or component for editing before drawing the line and using Push/Pull.

If you save the file and upload it, it’ll be easier to tell you exactly what you need to do.

There’s no need to explode the group. Just open it for editing before making the change. And if you use components instead of groups, you can notch the ends of all of them in a swell foop.

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