How to create multiple drop down lists under one attribute?

I am trying to create a cabinet box where I can select a door style in the first drop down list, then select the number of doors or drawers in the next list. I am understanding the first list. I need to use the hidden attribute that is built in. But I am struggling to understand the second one and how to get it working. The closest that I have come is this formula because it doesn’t give me an error, but the second list is still not functioning. =choose(door_1!b1b_door_style,0,1,1,1,door,1!b2b_door_count,1,0,0,0,0)
Has anyone tried to do this?

Is b1b_door_style returning an integer? If not use an attribute in door_1 to get OPTIONINDEX(“b1b_door_style”) and reference that.
Hard to figure the problem

maybe best to upload your DC

is this meant to be door_1!b2b_door_count?