An efficient way to add multiple handle options

We are just about to replace our entire handle range … so I now have to find a way to quickly add the new handle options into all our DC drawers and doors.

It’s not too time consuming to replace the handle collection that I already have nested in all the doors and drawers, but unless I want all the users to click deep into the doors to access the handle choices, I’ve now got over 50 options to type in to the parent level attributes … which is going to take a very long time, especially as the output of the options is quite complex (screenshot attached)

Please someone tell me I’m missing a trick?!

you can copy the drop down option list from one component to another, or generate the required code from excel
first download and install Aerilius’ attribute inspector, then look for


should be the list and values with some markup delimiters similar to

should you require the excel vba method, then private message your email address and I will send you a copy

Thanks pcmoor. I’d like to be able to do methods!
I’ll private message you for the excel method - but how do you copy a drop down option list from one component to another? I can’t believe I didn’t know how to do that?! The hours I’ve wasted!

the end part of the video, shows the copy method, the first part is the excel data formatting

first make a simple one option dropdown, option 1 value 1 in the component to receive the full list dropdown
this should show

now select the component to copy from
highlight (select) the data, control C (or apple equivalent, opt?), then select the recipient, then select the &1=1&, control V, paste. Avoid using enter, just click outside or deselect. Then deselect the component then reselect, should now have the new option list