Is there a way to copy dynamic component attributes over to a different one?

I would like to basically move a dynamic component attribute list over to another component. Is there an easy way to do this?

I don’t know one other than making a copy of the first one and getting rid of things you don’t want before adding in anything new you do.

You can use Attribute inspector to add dictionaries to components
Check this thread:

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i often create a “template” component which has all (and sometime more) of the attributes i’ll need to similar components, then i import that into a model, add the other parts and connect them to the “parent” (the innards of which is really just a simple square placeholder which can be erased). then just strip away any attributes which aren’t needed. or as suggested use the Attribute Inspector to update (although it can be a bit tricky at first until you know the different sections needed for a given attribute type - there’s no “bulk copy” - that i’ve found)