Component Attribute

Hello Experts,
I am new to DC and I working on Quantity Take-Off formworks and Concrete for 3Dsolids coming from CAD.
I made a Attribute to calculate Faces area of a component. I would like to copy these Attribute formulas from component to another, is there a way to do ?

thanks in advance

Edit the text of the formula, triple click to select all, copy to clipboard, select another component, paste into attribute formula text box.

I got that, but my problem is that have 300 components and 25 different attributes
I wish if I could Select all attribute and paste them in the other component

Ah! That wasn’t clear in your initial post.

There is likely a way to do it using a Ruby Script in the Ruby Console, but I’m not the one suggest the solution. My knowledge of Ruby and what you can do with it in SketchUp is only that which I’ve absorbed reading various forum posts.

You might try asking again in the Developers category - and add tags “advice” and “ruby”.

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thanks my friend