Copy component options betweeen components

I have a component (made using Profile builder but this applies to all components) to which I have added attributes:

Z so I can set the base level in my model.
Len Z so I can see the overall height of the wall.
TOW which is a simple calculation of adding the two so I can see the Top of Wall Level and make sure it matched the measured survey.

I need to go through the boring step of adding this each time I make a new wall.

Is there a way or plug-in that allows me to copy the attributes (not the values, just the attributes) to another group/ component? I’ve tried NZ_Atrtibute but I’m not sure it has this functionality.

the only workaround is to make the component within an empty group which has the attributes added., but that’s just adding another layer of groups to my model.

Any help appreciated.

obviously you could just copy the wall, and the attributes would be copied too.
What is there to achieve from the workflow of having the walls as dynamic components?

To me is seems to work against the good flow of more drawing and less thinking :slight_smile:

Aerilius Attribute Inspector is capable of this, great tool…

I use folder containing Wall dynamic components and also use Move+Ctrl to copy when needed. Either way the attributes are there without manual recreation.