Select different options from list

Hi everyone! This forum has been extremely usefull and gave me lot of ideas about different ways to do stuff that at first didnt come to me. In summary here i come with another request of suggestions:

I need to create a dynamic componen with the possibility to exchange different type of parts, for example, a cabinet of a wardrobe in which i have to be able to exchange and select diverse types of knobs.

I thought about using the IF attibute and put all the options hidden and select them from a list, i dont want it to be ON click.

Any suggestions? what would you do?

use choose with dropdown index and hidden

hidden = choose(optionindex(“handles”),1,1,1,0,1,1,1)
where handle no 4, would be visible when selected from a list of 7 handles

or use
if(handles=value in list, 0,1) as you suggested

I like the choose to select more than one result rather than a string of ifs


Great! Im going to try and let you know! Thanks!

I have been trying and it works nicely! thank you! I was thinking, is there any way to select and option depending on the first option? Let me elaborate…

In a wardrobe you can pic from cabinet type A or B, and if you select A then you can change and select from 3 types of handles, A1,A2,A3, is this possible or it would be far too complicated to set?

You can, but require the interact tool to complete the task. The whole dialog can be replaced, amended, dropdowns, number and label names, input cells, shown, hidden. But you do need an onclick to “set” the dialog using the hidden attributes. ( _lenx_formlabel, _lenx_access…)

Reference hidden attributes in a DC definition - SketchUp / Dynamic Components - SketchUp Community