Force "List Selection" by previously determined value?

Hey guys, I’m wondering if there is a way to utilise a previously determined value to force a selection from a dropdown list?

IE: If A=“VALUE” then pre-select “VALUE” in the later dropdown list.

from: Help Center: Dynamic Component supported functions

CHOOSE(index,value1,value2, ...valueN)
The CHOOSE function returns a value from a list of parameters at the location of the index value. This function allows you to create a single drop-down list that drives multiple attribute changes at once.



The previous example results in “Red.”

Use CHOOSE and OPTIONINDEX together as a mechanism to assign different values depending on a user’s choice in the Component Options dialog box. For example, if the Component Options dialog box allows the user to choose different materials to assign to a component (and the price changes depending on material chosen), the formula for MSRP might be:

=CHOOSE(OPTIONINDEX("Material"), 100, 150, 200)

The previous example returns 100, 150, or 200 depending on the material chosen in the Component Options dialog box.

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