Condition to release more component options?


I need that when the user chooses an option, release more other options, is it possible? thks

No conditional groups of options is not possible at this time.

This kind of things is done with a HtmlDialog and Ruby coding.

There is a workaround using generic options that have choose formula within the value section of a dropdown

count visible 2.skp (115.1 KB)

However I recommend you consider a swapping technique thus keeping the components simple. Like for timber, Pine, LVL, Hardwood… separate components with their size and properties, despite having the same shape.
The swapping technique that allows the object to retain a current size like “lenY” involves an extra component wrapper and to be saveas with the size attribute equal to current.

the inner component holds the geometry and references the length (leny in this case). The parent (outer) contains the current formula, the 2.54 is only required for metric. Once inserted into a project this can be overwritten, and so long as the original definition contains this formula, then interchangeable and will preserve the attribute it applies to.
beam example.skp (54.1 KB)

Right click and saveas the two to an appropriate folder then insert one into a new file, change its length then swap with other one, the length should remain the same. You will note that the size dropdown is blank, that is there is no match, so change to a correct size.
Another property you should consider is the instance name in the info tray, change that and you will see it change in both the attribute and option dialog of the DC, this is the best way to notate your project.

note that this works only on the instances inserted into a new file, not in the original file containing the definition

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I’ll try.
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