Capture Component Options from Dynamic Component

Hi all,

I’ve created a few dynamic components and I am trying to capture the information that is entered into the ‘Component Options’ section of the Dynamic Component.

For example, I have made the below component for us to create an accurate warehouse racking layout based on the options entered:

As you can see, there are quite a few inputs and I would like to be able to export these mainly to capture the information and to save in another system. May be nice to see this in the drawing too…

I have tried just selecting the data in the ‘Components Option’ and copying, but it just grabs the titles not the inputs in the boxes…

I have seen this post Can you link Component drop down lists to external data?

I have tried Attribute Inspector as recommended, but it just shows the attribute reference and corresponding formulas:

I’m assuming I’m not missing a trick here?!

They should be available in File->Generate Report.
Edit the existing report and add those to the column.
You can download as .csv and add that file to a LayOut document

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