Dynamic Composant Attribute hidden in that model?


I tried to figure out how to solve this but I really don’t know. If I missed a topic already open, I’m really sorry for that.

I’m trying to work with some great and useful tools as the warehouse and dynamic components. Nevertheless I don’t understand where are the definition of the attributes which are called by “TIROIR DYNAMIQUE” in this model DYN TIROIR COULISSE 14 NOIR | 3D Warehouse

I’m able to see it only when imported in another file, so those are not the definition. Those are in inches and I would like to modify in mm.

I hope I’m enough clear, if needed do not hesitate to ask me giving some more info.

Maybe someone could help me understand it… :smiley:

Thank you very much for the time you’ll take on that.

To edit a dynamic component, you do not open its file. Instead place (drag drop, or use the inbuilt browser) the download or saved file to see an instance, edit that and right click, saveas to overwrite the file.

To change to model choice or units, change the options from text to inches, and the display from text to “End user model units”


So quick and so simple… :smiley:

Thank you very much!