Dynamic Attributes Missing

How come Dynamic Attributes does not come with a component drawn in from my Collection?

Hello, is it possible to share a link to the component ? Does it show in the 3D Warehouse that it is a Dynamic Component ?

There are two common reasons you don’t see DC attributes with a component. The first is that there were never any DC attributes created for the component. The second which is what I suspect is that your component is double wrapped and the outer component wrapper doesn’t contain any DC attributes. Try double clicking on the component to open it for editing. Single click on it. Does the component select with one large bounding box? Do you see the DC attributes now? If so, close the component, select it and explode it. This will eliminate the outer wrapper.

Here I’ve intentionally created that situation. You can also see it in the Outliner

The double wrapping happens when you create a component (it doesn’t have to be a DC to be double wrapped) and save it via File>Save or File>Save as… then import that SketchUp file or drag it in from the Components window. You can avoid the double wrapping if you drag the component from the In Model library to your local collection in the Components window or by right clicking on the component and choosing the Save option there.


Hi Mike

Thanks. Dave showed the problem.
I had made a double wrapping in my saving process.

The model is home made - and is not in the warehouse.


Hi Dave

Thanks. I had made a double wrapping - and the attributes are visible after exploding.

Thanks. I had forgotten the way to save a component.


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