Change the contents of the combo box dynamically?




now i have a nother problem.
Is it possible to change the contents of the combo box dynamically?
After something has been selected in the 1 combox, the content of the 2 combo box is to be changed.


Only the value (wert) can be changed, not the list option (Liste noption) label using formula like
=choose(schrank_type, 300,340,600,900) within the value side. You can place any type of formula within this area to free up space on the attribute dialog

To be able to change the label would be a good DC option though, this can be done using ruby, but this is a personal solution, not one you can use publicly, as they would need the script

formula in dropdown (2).skp (18.3 KB)


Thanks for the answer.

But its not that what I need.

I have a kitchen cupboard and there you can choose different types. Next you should be able to select the width. But not all types have all widths, after you have selected the type, only the cabinet widths that exist have to be selected to match the type.


Check this model of an HEA beam:

It uses the CHOOSEOPTION() function to handle sets of data for the chosen type of beam.