Dynamic components SET

hello, there
I have a probleme with the “SET” fonction in dynamic compoenent ?!
let say that i have a drpo list of 3 kinde of cabinets A, B, C
For eatch kinde have a liste of width
A 15,30,40 B 60,80 C 90,120
when i chose the type of cabinet i wante to cycle through those widths
BUT the prbleme is that SET see those width as one numbe and give me 153040 with no cycling
help me
Merci :blush:

I believe you should use the CHOOSE function.


Yes, CHOOSE would be more manageable, no need for all the ‘DIM’ attributes.
I suppose you have the values of ‘type’ set to A=1,B=2 and C=3?
That would be set in the option dialog by the user.
You can then use OPTIONINDEX(“type”) to set these three DIM-attributes:
DIM1: ‘=CHOOSE(OPTIONINDEX(“type”, 15,60,90)’
DIM2: ‘= CHOOSE(OPTIONINDEX(“type”, 30,80,120)’
DIM3: ‘= CHOOSE(OPTIONINDEX(“type”, 40,60,90)’

The ‘Onclick’ could be set to:
But there could be easier way’s to solve your issue, I guess


Hallo Belebna,

You have to change the formula in CONCATENATE to :





Merci chef

soory but i have not figured out how to do it :sob: TEST01.skp (21.2 KB)

I reply using Jack’s method, (which I would have done too) but, problem that changing type does not update the model, so second solution base on using item number in onclick, then using that to get the required value from a comma deliminator string place in the dropdown values

in cases where there is less values for a “Type”, you have to repeat a click to move through the sizes

size onclick test.skp (35.9 KB)


thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :blush:

Another method using an alternate use of the “CURRENT” formula

size onclick test.skp (46.6 KB)

probably easier to create and maintain

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