How to create levels of different heights

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble adding in “groves”, or differnt layers i guess you call it. Can some one please help me add in to the file the layers as shown in the picture. Thanks :slight_smile:

Project HC.skp (2.6 MB)

Project HC.skp (799.8 KB)

I have moved up some componets to make room for the “groves” or indents. Please someone help i would appreciate it :slight_smile:

Maybe this photo can explain easier

Just draw the outlines and use Push/Pull.

I assume this is a continuation of your school work from yesterday?

ok thanks i will try and its not really school work, i called them class mates because its like a private school or work shop for fun. Its not for marks otherwise i wouldn’t be asking for help on her as it is cheating. ahaha

To add one more step: draw the outlines, offset them (the thickness of the groove), then use push/pull.
Or offset them twice and move the middle one down to form a V shaped groove.

Hi there , i tried the following message but i cant seem to figure it out? i will send pictures how im doing it

drew a temporary outline

Open the component/group for editing and then draw the outline.

then the offset

after the offset i do the push pull tool but it dont see a change in the layer?

Did you read my previous post?

yes but i do not understand

Your model has been made into a group or component. If you’re using the one I did for you, it’s a component. That means it has a sort of wrapper that protects it from being modified. Erase the outlines you drew. Then, with the Select tool, double click on the plate to open it for editing. Then you can draw the outlines and use Push/Pull.

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ok yes that method works thank you!! :smiley:

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