How to deal with split level floors


Still a beginner here in SketchUp; going through some Udemy courses as I go.

I’m mapping out our house and wondering what everyone has as far as recommendations go for rooms that are a lower level than others.

I did a 2D drawing of the floor plan first. Now I need to do a push/pull and put in some doors and windows but not all levels are the same.

Any suggestions on getting going an how to deal with this? We also have slopped ceilings in some (not all) rooms.


You should make separate groups for the portions at each level. Then you can use the move tool to put each group at the correct height. After that you can open a group for edit to pushpull walls up. You might want to group the walls for each level to prevent them from sticking to any other content you might model for that level.

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Thank you for your suggestions; that all makes sense!