Modelling ground floor plan that has different levels

Hi. would anyone know how we can model different floor levels of the same “ground floor”?. lets say if the ground floor level changes with two small steps leading slightly to a lower level from one room to another? im al at loss as to what to start with first, pulling up the walls, then doing the floors? or the floors first since they have different levels?
ive included an image of the floor plan and indicated where the steps so you can see
Presentation1.pdf (82.9 KB)

Depending on what you want to achieve in the end, the section detail in the stair area is probably different, and the architect or engineer gives it to you

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It all depends on how you like to work. One important thing is to group like things together. But the level of grouping will depend on how much control you want and how simple you want to keep things. So you might have an external wall group, an internal wall group, and a floor group.

Personally, I start with the walls and add the floors afterwards but you could do it the other way around almost as easily.

I would make any set of steps a group in its own right.


Hi, thanks so much the visual really helps! im going to it out for myself :smiley: