Apartment Bldg Model and Layering

Probably a basic organization question but…I’m relatively new to Sketchup and am starting a model of a 5-story apartment building. What is the best way to go about doing separate floor plates in the model? Would I model the 1st floor on layer “first floor”, 2nd floor on layer “second floor”?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hello @bagli As a new SketchUp user I would encourage you to make yourself familiar with using components and groups.

Check out this video here, as well as this video here. I hope they will inform your work flow and process. Also, check out this video on layers. These videos will help you master some SketchUp techniques. Using a combination of all three techniques: layers, components and groups will be the best method for you.

If you can explain your project in more detail, I may be able to recommend a more detailed workflow.

I hope this helps, thanks for being a part of the community!

This sample two-story house may give you some ideas.

Upstairs Downstairs 2


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Thanks Gully, definitely helpful. That’s along the lines of how I was thinking it should be done.

Alex, thanks for the reply and the links. I understand those concepts and now I trying to figure out how to best apply them in my model. I think I get it now. I was looking for confirmation that my thinking was correct. I’m working on a 5 story apt. building and figure I would want to view each floor separately. My plan is to group each floor then put them each on their own layer, ie 1st floor walls, 2nd floor walls. Then I guess I’ll use scene to flip back and forth. That sound about right?

just a suggestion:
If you’re including the exterior, and it’s the same for each floor. Then make it a component and copy it for all the floors. That way if you need to make a change, it’ll do the adjustments for all the floors’ exteriors.
You can also group groups and have them each on different layers.
Floor 1 Exterior wall is on layer “Exterior Wall”
Floor 1 Interior walls is on layer “Interior F1”
Group Floor 1 Exterior and Interior together for Layer “Floor 1”
Floor 2 Exterior wall is on layer “Exterior Wall”

So if you toggle on/off exterior wall, all floors’ exterior walls will hide/unhide, but you can still see all the interior walls. Or you can completely hide Floor 1 (both interior and exterior).

Great ideas. Thank you.