Designing a multi story apartment building

Hello all, I am new to SketchUp, have a background in ACAD (currently on the AutoCAD LT 2021 version from AutoDesk. Have floor plans ready to import, but unable to find any suitable instructions on how to design a multi story building. Any tutorials available? Checked YouTube as well, but mostly movies on how it is done, no instructions. Any help will be appreciated.

Start learning the basics:

And then how to import and work with CAD files:

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Hi Mihai, thank you, am on the second one you mentioned, looks good…

Hi Yvonne,
If you jumped straight to the second, without knowing the basic way of working in SketchUp, you will most likely have to go back and see the first set of tutorials. Because modeling a building, regardless of the number of levels, involves creating walls, exteriors - interiors, windows and doors, floors, beams, etc., and all this is done based on groups and components, to which you will assign layers/tags.

level 1

level 2

level 3

Thank you for the tip, I will get on to that first. Would you be able to tell me if the trial version of Sketchup pro (witch I have now) has all the features available in the full version (subscription)? I found that with AutoCAD LT at first, the sales people said the trial is the same as the full version, but a lot of features only came available after I purchased it.

Yvone, one tip from someone else who migrated from Autocad is to understand early on the difference between AC layers and Sketchup Tags (which used to be called Layers but was changed largely because of the confusion). You don’t put things “on” layers in SU like you do in AC. Tags simply control visibility.

Also, you will likely find the omission of some standard AC commands, like Mirror and Copy, quite annoying. Actually, though I have been using SU for nearly 20 years, I still find it annoying! You can of course both copy and mirror in SU but not as intuitively. I wouldn’t go back to the bad old AC days though!

Happy drafting.

There is only one version of SketchUp Pro (desktop). The trial is just a time-limited license. When it expires SketchUp Pro won’t run until you buy a license.

Thanks Simon, that’s helpful. Good to have the community for these questions :slight_smile:

Thank you, that’s good to know :slight_smile:

Yes, I think it’s a major strength. There are half a dozen or more experts on here (of which Steve is one) who are regulars and take a lot of time out to help others. You will soon find out who they are. I know of no other user forum that is such a boon.

Use the Outliner while learning about groups and components. Think of them as folders. Components are folders that are always in sync, groups are regular folders.

You can use components to create floor levels that are always equal. You must remember to make a component unique to be able to change it without affecting it’s copies. If you copy a component it will be in sync with the copy again.

Groups are more flexible and lax but you can’t propagate changes to it’s copies.

Use groups and components wisely. Mastering them will be your core business. Layers/Tags come only after.

Later, when using plugins, you might want to turn Outliner off while modelling.

I don’t think I am at this level yet, need to get the tutorials done first, but will keep it in mind. Thanks JQL

You should start by organization. Model a prism and think of it as a floor. Make it a component. Copy it vertically. You have a building with typical floors.

How to model will come with practice. How to organize yourself in SketchUp is what you need to learn ASAP

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