3D ACA to SketchUp model. Could this make sense?

I draw all my building plans in AutoCAD architecture. While I don’t fully model the plans in ACA, I do use 3D AEC objects for walls, doors and windows. I generally “sketch” this way when designing, so it’s a necessary step for me.
So, I’ve figured out how to load these 3D files into sketchup, and also have figured out how to manipulate the file as components. Meaning I can push and pull faces, break up faces, offset, apply materials etc to the ACA model as a component.
If I had a complete floor plan (and could get it to reload… another topic) then I would for all practical purposes have a model without a roof and site plan.
Thinking that I could add the roof and site to the ACA model in sketchup.
Then, relatively quickly start tweaking some things… including finishes etc.

Along these lines wondering if it could make sense to load multiple levels (1st, 2nd, etc floor plans) and stack those in sketchup.

Can anyone explain to me if this would somehow end up being a waste of time before I get too far along in the thought process? Can anyone help me with anticipating some of the shortcomings of an approach such as this?


Yes you can do this. This has been asked and answered here before. (Although searching does not easily find these old threads.)

Basically you want each floor in it’s own group or component. Each component having it’s own visibility layer. You may wish to set up scenes with certain layers on and off, to quickly switch between “floors”.

In SketchUp primitives need to be assigned to “Layer0”. Your group or component instance references can be assigned to any layer.