How to seperate the floor from the walls?

Hi, I am basically trying to make a room.

I have drawn a rectangle and used the offeset tool for the walls.

I have saved this in a group called floor, and added a layer floor and saved it in entity info.

Now i would like to push pull the walls but want them to be seperate from the floor, in the layer walls

I cant turn the floor layer off to do this and if i seperate the two they are in the same group so i cant add a layer

where am i going wrong please?


You should take the time to go through the SketchUp Fundamentals training.

Draw a rectangle. Offset its edges inwards.

Double click the inner rectangular face (to get the face and its edges selected > right click > ‘Make Group’.

Double click the wall face (to select the wall face and its inner and outer edges > right clcik > ‘Make Group’

You now have created two groups: floor and walls

Only now you may want to apply different layers to assign to each respective group, although not a must.

You can edit one or the other or both groups by entering their contexts

the basics…

using copy >> paste in place



thank you - thats a massive help i get it x

Nice keyboard!:+1:t4:What app?

the default apple keyboard viewer, under the flag in the menu bar…


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