Stacking floors to make a house

I’ve had students make two floors of a house. They have made them side by side in one file. What’s the easiest way to put the top floor on top of the bottom floor? Everything will not measure up exactly I know, I just want it to look fairly fused/unified.

If it is not already so, make a group of the second floor. Activate the move tool. Click a point on the bottom edge of the second floor group that you think will align well with some feature on the top of the first floor. Press the up arrow to lock movement to vertical and move the second floor upward, then move the cursor over until it snaps on the top of the first floor. Now repeat the process locking first red direction then green direction. You can also move all in one step, but moving one direction at a time tends to cause fewer problems for newbies.

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Make both floors separate groups.
In ‘Styles’ > Edit > Edges > change edges ‘by material’.
Paint both groups different colors.
Move one group ontop of the other.
Switch to X-ray to see if/how both floors match.

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