How to create first angle orthographic projection in SketchUp Make?

How to create first angle orthographic projection in SketchUp Make?
Thank you.

They are easily made manually which is what I usually do but there’s also an excellent plugin that will do it for you. It’s called Make Ortho Views and is available from Smustard. It makes third angle ortho views but they are easily converted to first angle.

You model 3D.
If what you model is a component, you could copy the component 2x and rotate these two, each by 90 degrees around different axes. Viewing the first instance (they are identical!) in ‘Front’ in ‘Parallel’ mode will show the other two 90 degrees rotated. Depending on where they are positioned in relation to eachother you could have your ‘first angle orthographic projection’

Making changes to one will be followed in the other two.

(something like this)

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Thanks. You mean converting to first angle by editing the plugin?

That’s not what I meant, although I suppose you could do that. I just meant move the top view component from the top to below the front view and move the side view. It’s such a trivially easy thing to create these ortho views in the first place using just the Move tool that it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the time to use a plugin.

I make these sorts of views for all the furniture plans I create. I use third angle instead of first.

Six instances of the same component (seen in SketchUp’s front view):

Notice that editing one (here Front) has the selection shown in all six instances.
The bottom (at the top) has most of what is currently selected covered by the model.
So has the left side (right of the front).

edited (the left side wasn’t correct)


Thanks to both of you. Shall try the suggestions given.

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