Creating Orthographic Plans for each Component/Part

I’ve done searches to no avail, so I’m not confident this is even a feature of Sketchup. However, I’m hoping someone could enlighten me about outputting plans of each component of a finalized design (which I’d describe as the fully assembled object respectively).

What I’m specifically asking is if there is a way to output each component/part so it can be printed as plans for manufacturing? e.g. For a jewelry box, to have the sides, top, bottom, etc., in an orthographic view according to the way it would be manufactured… or does this have to be done manually for every component?

Just to be sure, I’m not asking how to make a component unique.

Many thanks in advance.

I generally make copies of the components and lay them out to create 2-view or 3-view illustrations as needed. I do this in the same model file as the assembled version.

See this for an example. Creating a plan with SketchUp and LayOut - FineWoodworking

Brilliant. Layout appears to be what I’m looking for. Thank you.

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VDO created a plugin to automatically create orthographic views in Layout of your components in Sketchup… do an extension search… works well


I tried that extension but didn’t like it. It created more work for me than it was supposed to save.