Creating elevations, sections, and plans for construction

I’m a carpenter and have been asked to draw an addition for the contractor I work for. I have basic skills in creating 3D structures in Sketchup. I just purchased Sketchup Pro so I can have drawings to build from. Is there a resource or tutorial on how to organize a Sketchup file with 2D views? At this point I only know that when designing, I should create layers, and that it will have to be imported into Layout. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

It will revolve around a few basic functions. You’ll have to be familiar with creating scenes. Most of the time 2D drawings will be viewed with the camera set to parallel projection. You’ll also need to figure out a method of selectively viewing objects that works best for you and the model. You can use a blend of hiding tags (layers) and hiding objects or groups of objects to focus on what you want to show in a particular scene. It takes a while to develop a good strategy that you get comfortable with, so I recommend looking at work that others have shared for examples of what’s possible.

Thanks so much for your reply. I’ve been digging around and what you are saying makes sense - I have to figure out how to make scenes and, yeah, put things into strategic layers.
Can you direct me to where I could find shared examples?

I’d say creating groups or components is a first step. This protects and encapsulates your discrete objects. You can work a lot with just groups or components until some are “in the way” for working on other parts, Then you make tags to assign to them and hide as needed. Eventually you want particular views to export to layout, so you make scenes. They may feature certain layers and may have orthographic 2d views. Scenes can also be used to bring you back to a place and a style that you like to work with, during the modeling phase (hiding all the fluff like plants or furniture** and shadows **for example).

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