How to create camera view in small bathroom

Hi all,
trying to create camera view in a really small bathroom. Any suggestions? Tried field of view but still keep bumping into a wall!
8-11-22_help.skp (10.4 MB)

I tried that as well but there is the toilet or the vanity or the shower gets cut off.

You can hide elements and create a scene and the scene will remember to keep them hidden. Also your FOV is 27 degrees. That’s really narrow/shallow. Try 50 which is more in line with what the eye sees. It also all depends on which direction you’re looking and what your focal point is for your design.

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SketchUp’s Zoom tool (and the scroll wheel) doesn’t “Zoom” in the sense that a photographer uses the term, see this post:

What you probably want is to position eye point, (possibly even with the Position Camera tool), and then zoom with the shift key down. That changes the focal length/angle of view without moving the camera/eye point. The Field of View tool is different: it actually moves the eye point and changes the focal length at the same time.

It is a small space that is probably impossible to capture adequately in a single image. A photographer would approach it with something like an ultrawideangle lens. In this image I placed the camera at the door and used a 28 mm FOV (probably about 20 mm in camera terms). It is distorted but you see worse published every day.

You could try placing a Section cut just in front of the toilet bowl, then see a view like this:

This just used the default field of view - which said it was 28 deg(rees)