Can I do a scene like this in Sketchup?

Hi. I have been trying to create a similar scene like this to my model in Sketchup by changing the axis but It doesn’t deliver what I want. I found out vray can do this but I am not using vray.
Is there any way to achieve scene like this in Sketchup?

Yes, increase the zoom value.

What is it about that image that you are trying to duplicate?

Thank you for you reply. How can I adjust the zoom value? I didn’t see anything that I can adjust from the “Camera” drop down menu.

Thank you for your reply. I want to duplicate the “distorted perspective” as shown on the image.

Hello, i think he was talking about the field of view that you can adjust. use the zoom tool (default shortcut z) and type the value of desired FOV (for example 100 degrees would be close to your image, very distorted).

you can play with it manually, also with the zoom tool, simply click and drag holding SHIFT

Use ‘Zoom’ tool, zoom in or out with the left mouse button down while holding down [Shift].
This affects the field of view, the way perspective is displayed

You can increase the field of view to give a more fisheye appearance but the drawing you show has some false or manufactured perspective. It’s not consistent over the entire image. That is fairly easy to do when hand drawing but difficult to do in SketchUp without distorting the model itself.

I run into a similar thing with projects I do for one of my big clients. They have an artist who hand draws the same objects I am modeling. The artist can take liberties with foreshortening certain parts without doing the same to others and making other slight distortions that are recognizable as distortion but they are different from the similar views I make.

Thank you for all your help! Increase the field of view is what I’ve been looking for.

Yes, I think it’s impossible to generate exactly the same view as in the image with 3D model, I’ve done the model in Sketchup but didn’t know the field of view trick back then, so I exported it and tested on other programs but it doesn’t look like the scene in the image. Now that I tested on Sketchup I think all programs is the same. I will just play with the camera length on Sketchup until I satisfied with the result.

Zoom 35 deg.

Zoom 90 deg.

Check out this post dealing with not just Field of View (FOV) settings but also exporting and ‘photomerging’ multiple camera views in order to get a ‘fisheye’ effect.

Thanks! I will try to experiment with different degree to see which one is most suitable for my design.

I never think of using this function before to get the scene that I want! I have been trying to do it on Sketchup only. This is very helpful, thank you!

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Apart from FOV within sketchup, you can edit it in photoshop to curve the lines and create a more striking fisheye effect. Once you have exported an image from sketchup, you select (in PS): Filter/distort/spherize. You might want to apply the effect more than one times to achieve an extreme distortion.