How to create cabinet bottom in between existing sides?

I often draw cabinets by first creating the sides, and THEN creating the tops and bottoms (and almost always .75" thick)…
Is there a way to snap to the inside of the existing sides and THEN reference off those sides to input the .75", (When I type .75" now, it creates a small square- not at all what is intended)


Use the Rectangle tool and snap the corners to the existing corners in the model. Then Push/Pull to 3/4 thick.

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Is there a way to go left to right, and constrain using the existing sides?
(Sometimes the bottoms are not always full depth)…

Not sure what you mean. You can always type the dimensions when you draw the rectangle or you can set a guideline to give you an intersection where you want the edge of the rectangle.

Thanks. I was hoping to use the sides as the constraint, and then give it the .75" thickness, but I guess this feature does not exist…
Thanks again.

I showed you how to use the sides as the constraints already.


In addition, you do not have to enter both dimensions, you can use the right panel for constraint and type the desired depth.
You just have to watch the dimensions box to see which dimension is the Width and which is Depth…
(Using semicolon for seperator)

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another interpretation is ‘depth’ inside cabinet…