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Hi. im new to SketchUp and i want to design kitchen cabinets. when i design wooden boards or mdf i need to calculate thickness of boards but i don’t know how. for example i have 4 boards 100*50cm thickness 1.6cm if i design cabinets,1 board with 100cm and 2 boards with 1.6 thickness, its length would be 103.2 but in SketchUp i don’t know how i can set line thickness to 1.6. please help

First, what version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says 2020 Make which is impossible.

There is no option to set “line thickness” in SketchUp. Edges are used to define the limits of faces in 3D volumes. You can use the Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle of the desired dimensions 100 x 50 if thats what you want. Then use Push/Pull to create the required thickness.

Sounds like you should spend some time at and watching the SketchUp Square One videos.

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iimagin a shape like U
one board in bottom and two boards in sides. bottom board is 100mm and side boards thickness is 1.6. so length of shape will be 100mm+1.6+1.6.
my question is how i design this side boards in sketchup that in the end i can calculate the length of cabinets. ( i draw a line in left and right and bottom but i want that left and right lines have thickness)

How about sharing your SketchUp model so we can see what you are trying to accomplish?

This is probably not what you are asking but it’s what I can glean from your description.
U shape

Please fix the SketchUp version/license information in your profile. That information helps us help you. We need to know what tools you have available to you.

yes this is what i need just i did this with drawing line :slight_smile:
thanks :pray:

SketchUp is a 3D modeling application. Don’t use it like you’re just drawing lines with a pencil on paper.