Modeling a vanity

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For the shelves, I’d draw a rectangle onto the inside upper surface of the bottom, pushpull it to the shelf thickness, and then make a component of it. Move copies of the shelf up to the two desired heights.

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That’s what I was thinking, I tried that but must have made a mistake somewhere. It didn’t work. I will try again. How would you do the doors. Make them semi transparent.


That’s a less obvious question, as there are lots of ways doors could be built. Need more information about what sort of doors you have in mind.

the door (double) would be the same material as the cabinet (MDF). The door will fit flush to the cabinet. The door would be even with the front edge. It will fit inside the side walls. The top shelf will be 1/2" shorter in the front to back than the bottom shelf. the outside measurement of the cabinet is 24". The doors will have a total with of 23" (24 - 1/2-1/2 for the thickness of the side walls. Each door would be 11 1/2". Hope that explains

Forgot to add door height 13". This will hide the shelf and toe piece for the shelf.

vanity4.skp (95.6 KB)

Based on previous examples, see if you can follow this without an animation:

Draw a rectangle across the front of the opening, starting with the point where the guide line crosses the inside surface of the side board and ending at the inference point for the middle of the bottom edge of the top board. Pushpull this surface back into the cabinet 1/2 inch. Make a Group out of the result (triple-click to get it all). Move a copy of the Group to the opposite side of the opening.

I want to make the doors partial transparent. Can this be done.

Just paint them with a translucent material from the “glass and mirrors” materials collection. Open the Materials window, choose this collection from the list, select on of the variations on glass, reduce its opacity if you like, then use the paint bucket tool to apply it to the door Group. If you apply it to the entire Group, that will affect all surfaces in the Group so the door will look translucent.

I went to >windows >material I don’t see glass and mirrors. I do see translucent. But I don’t think that’s what I want. I’m using the free sketchup . I also went to the edit tab on the material section

My mistake - Translucent it is!

vanity4.skp (100.8 KB)

By jove, he’s got it!

I’m trying dimensions now. I will post when completed\

Thank you for your responses. It’s much appreciated.

Here are some dimensions. I can’t get a dimension for the shelf behind the door.

thank you

I must have saved incorrectly. Have to redo

Just a quick dimensions
vanity4.skp (98.2 KB)

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Switch viewing your model to X-Ray style. That way you can see geometrie through the door(s) and you’ll be able to get its (the inside shelf’s-) endpoints when dimensioning.

Why do you need a dimension for the shelf behind the door? That would be redundant since it’s the same as the shelf below. If you really do need to put that dimension in, you could temporarily hid the doors to gain access to it or orbit so you can see behind the doors.

In the screen shot I replace your groups with components with useful names. Using components will make it easier to make modifications if you need to do so later and it gives you a useful list of parts, especially if you need a cut list from the model.

I also rotated the model so its front is aligned with the red axis. This makes the standard views work as expected. Choosing the standard front view results in showing the front of the cabinet not its left side. as would be the case with the model as you have it drawn.

Cutlist from your model:

And from the version with components:

thank you for your suggestions. The shelf behind the door is 1/2" less than the other shelf. The front to back measurement is 11 1/2". This was done so the door fits flush with the front edge of the cabinet.


Missed that on the shelf size. Hadn’t had my coffee yet. :smile:

I appreciate everybody’s help. Just started using the app. I did groups because it was easier at the time. I need to use components. Just was stuck on something I was doing wrong. In the free version do you get a cut list and where are the components located once you created them.


The cutlist is created with an extension available in the Extension Warehouse.

Components are located in the In Model components library and normally in the model space. I sent you a link yesterday to a video showing how to build a large shop cabinet using components. Did you look at that?