SketchUp Dresser Help

I am trying to design a make-up vanity for my wife. I am trying to make the dresser part of the vanity first but am running into some problems. I am trying to make it with 4 different sizes. But can’t figure out how to get the proper height to be able to make this. Any help would be great.

I’d be happy to help but I don’t understand exactly what you are after. Are you talking about making four drawers that are each different in height? Can you share the current SKP file so I can see what you’ve got so far?

Edit to add: Assuming it is the varying drawer heights you are after, there are a number of different mathematical progressions that can be used. One that I like to use is the Hambridge Progression. It’s easy and quick to layout in SketchUp.

Start by setting out guidelines to identify a square that is the width of the drawer fronts in both directions. Then use the Arc Tool (not 2-Point Arc) to draw arcs from A to B, C to D, and so on. I used the Pie tool for the above only so I could easily show the centers of the arcs and color in the regions under them.

There are other progressions shown here and you can find a lot more info with a simple search.


Dave R.
What I am trying to do it make a dresser for a make-up vanity. I am trying to make it to where it has 2-6", 2-5", 2-4", and 2-3" drawers. Total width will be about 20" wide and 18" deep. I just do not know the best way to figure out the height. I am very new to sketchup. Very first project.

Do you have a start SetchUp model already started? Could you share it? Or even a pencil sketch?

Are you doing inset drawers or overlay drawers? If inset, how much gap around them? Will there be dividers in between the drawers? How wide would they be?