Cutting part of a rectangle

I want to find a way to draw a polygon which has edges of different size. Or a rectangle in which I can cut in 45 degree a part of it. Can someone help me finding the way to do that ?
I attached a screenshot of what I want to do
Thanks in advance

You should have been able to do that with Push/Pull or you could have made the box a solid object, and a cutter solid, then use the Solid Tools.


Solid Tools

Share the .skp file.

Sorry I didn’t understand what are you trying to do, can you share your file and make a short video so I can understand well what are you trying to do?

I want to create a corner cabinet for my kitchen, with shelves.
I started for the base of the cabinet with a rectangle (because I did not know how to draw a polygon with has irregular edges (for expl a polygon which have in one hand 3 corners at 90 degrees and 2 corners at, say 45 degrees)).
So the option I tried to explore is to create a rectangle first, and then replace one corner of 90 degrees by 2 corners of 45 degrees (it becomes a polygon with 5 sides instead of 4.
To do that, I need to cut a portion of the recatngle as shown in my screenshot and I cant fine the tool to cut in a shape already drawn.

What do you need from the model? Do you just need the exterior to look like a corner cabinet or are you modeling it to make shop drawings?

Is the bottom of the cabinet a component or group separate from the sides? If so, open it for editing, draw the diagonal across the top face, and use Push/Pull to push away the waste.

Thanks for your suggestion. So I need to find where is the “cutter solid” tool or solid tool.

The cutter is just a shape made as a solid group or component. You can find the Solid Tools in the Tools menu or the Solid Tools toolbar under View>Toolbars.

In fact, I found the solution to my problem: I simply used the line tool (the pencil) and determine the length of each edge of the 5 edge polygon and it make a filled plane in which I gave some thickness.

Thanks to all of you who took the time of giving me suggestion. For the time being I stay with what I found but will need to examine closer your other solutions.

Glad you’ve got something that works for you. Looks like the panels don’t quite align properly.

BTW, you are using SketchUp Pro here. Perhaps you could update your forum profile to reflect that.